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The Real Cost of a “FREE” Online Islamic Will

By: admin
August 23, 2023
They say the world is your oyster. Nowadays, you might as well say Google is your oyster. Just Google the phrase “Free online Islamic Will,” and we are sure you...

Welcome to Wasiyyah Blog

May 18, 2021
Welcome to our new blog. After a lot of efforts by multiple people, we are finally able to welcome to our new website and Will portal. The new and refreshed...

The Main Reason I Wrote My Will

May 10, 2021
My dad passed away last year. May Allah have mercy on his soul. I was named executor in his Will, so I was charged with settling all of his affairs...

The Islamic Inheritance Implications for One Who Dies Without an Islamic Will in Australia

May 10, 2021
To die without a Will is to die intestate. If one is intestate it means that the laws of the State or territory in which the deceased lives will decide...

Differences Between an Islamic Will and a Secular Will

May 10, 2021
A Will is a legal document that clearly sets out how you wish your affairs to be managed after you pass away. Any Will, whether Islamic or secular, will allow...